How To Start A Blog!

How To Start A Blog!

Everyone needs a way to unwind and relax. For me, this is exercise and blogging.

My name is Daniel Watts and I am a second-year student paramedic and part time blogger. I've been interested in blogs from a young age. As a matter of fact, website management as a whole has always been an interest of mine; but I tried that back in 2013, however it ended up flopping massively - sitting behind a computer screen all day was not for me. Ironically, I spend more time behind a computer now than ever trying to get this university content drilled into me.

MyMedEquip reached out to me and asked me about key components to getting started blogging! Here is my answer:

Passion will keep you going!

The title speaks for itself. If you choose a topic or genre that you're not interested in - it will show quickly, you will frazzle out and end up wasting money on domain names, hosting and all other sorts of website costs. Trust me, this is ultimately a game of trial and error. Sometimes, your area of interest will be densely populated and very saturated and if you do not have a passion for your topic then your blog will not last very long.

I chose to blog about things I am interested in. Ultimately, my blog is one of greed because I have made it for me myself. I write to consolidate my knowledge and if someone reads it, amazing - if they don't, also amazing! This brings me on to my next point.

Write for you - no one else.

As previously mentioned, I write to consolidate my knowledge. If you are able to put "pen to paper" on a subject, then surely you must understand it enough? That's my thought process anyways and why I started The Flat Line in the first place.

What about behind the scenes?

You do NOT need to be a computer genius to get into this game. As a matter of fact, it's getting easier and easier to run your own blog and even your own store! This is all with knowing nothing about how the internet works. Here are a few things that I recommend using to get you started.

Firstly, you need a content management system. The most popular blogging software is called WordPress. I definitely recommend these, I use them on my own website and their user-friendly approach definitely works. because it's a popular platform, there is a ton of literature to get the issue resolved promptly if you ever get stuck.

Hosting. This is important, you don't want to shell out loads for this because ultimately you may not need all the resources available. For my blog, I chose to go for the medium range just in case people want to read it and it won't die straight away if you get a couple of hundred people. Because of the niche I have chosen, I did expect some good numbers right from the bat and (although true) I still didn't need all of the resources available to me. For the beginning, we recommend cPanel managed hosting. The easiest and most affordable way to get comfortable with hosting.

Domain name. This is your identity. If you are unable to get the domain name you want, choose an alternative but link it to your end game. I managed to purchase (naming the website The Flat Line) because asystole means flat line. So, they go hand in hand. Domain names are also an investment. I brought the domain name for ~£10 and it is now worth a considerable amount more.

I hope this helps. If you need any more help, contact us on Instagram @asys.tole and happy blogging!


- Dan