Enforcer Immediate First Aid Kit (IFAK)

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Specifically for personnel working in frontline and austere tactical environments, the MyMedEquip Enforcer IFAK contains only the essential equipment needed to stop a life-threatening haemorrhage. 

Designed to manage penetrating limb and trunk injuries, the Enforcer IFAK is light, compact and easily attaches to belts, vests and backpacks via its Molle compatability.


SOF Tactical Tourniquet - Wide Black
Emergency (Israeli) Bandage
Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal (Twin Pack)
Tactical Pen (tungsten glass shattering tip) 
Permanent Marker 

2 Pairs of Gloves, nitrile, SPECIFY SIZE IN ORDER NOTES

Your choice of Standard, XShear, or ONE SHEAR trauma shears


16cm x 11cm x 9cm