Premium Pulse Oximeters (OLED/Digital)

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✔️ Lightweight and easy to use!
✔️Rotatable interface
✔️OLED display with 6 modes

✔️Simultaneous display of saturation &  plethysmogram
✔️Real-time spot-checks
✔️Low battery voltage indication
✔️Sleep monitoring up to 8hrs
✔️Data storing and data analysis


Display Type: OLED display

SpO2 Measurement range:35%~100%


±2% on the stage of 80%~100%;

±3% on the stage of 70%~80%;

Resolution: ±1%

3. PR Measurement range: 30BPM-250BPM

Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1%(the larger one)

4. PI index measurement scope: 0-20 (optional)

5. Power: 2 AAA 1.5 alkaline battery

6. Power consumption:below 30mA

7. Automatic power-off: shuts off by itself when no finger is inserted for >8 seconds

9. Operation Temperature: 5C-40C

Storage Temperature: -20C-55C

Ambient Humidity: 15%-85%  non-condensing

Device dimensions: 64mm*38.8*35.5

 Package includes 

1 x Pulse Oximeter

1 x Product Manual

1 x Product Lanyard

1 x  Package Box




Approved for diagnostic purposes overseas. Customer is responsible for checking local registration.