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AED Accessories Bundle

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AED Waterproof Toughcase

This sturdy and rugged water and airtight case is ideal for exceptionally humid or rugged conditions. This customisable case is essential for all marine and outdoor applications and is supplied with a rechargable moisture absorbant to remove any moisture that may be present in the atmosphere after opening the case.

Rated to IP67 this case can also be equipped with the Dessicant – reusable Silica Gel.

AED Premium Prep Kit

Premium AED preparation kit, comprising a proper surgical razor designed to cope with tough hair, trauma shears for cutting clothing, a drying towel, 2 pairs of nitrile gloves a hazardous waste disposal bag, and a hard cased CPR mask of premium quality (with an oxygen port if you are required to administer oxygen) . The kit is packed in a high-quality clear PVC case to allow rescuers to identify contents easily and quickly.

AED Poly Wall Sign

AED wall sign 225mm x 300mm Poly

CPR Wall Chart

This Gloss A3 Card includes ANZCOR steps to resuscitation (DRSABCD). Also includes generic steps on how to use an AED.