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Clinical Reference Cards

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The alternative to remembering is not doing it or making it up. Glide through your primary survey, secondary surveys, life saving interventions, and more all the way to handover with these detailed prompt cards. Review them on the way to a job or hang them from your badge reel for quick reference in a pinch. 

These tough clinical reference cards fit directly into any ID card holder and include 10 individual sides.

Topics include: 

  • MARCH PAWS Trauma Survey/interventions
  • Respiratory and Circulatory Status Assessments
  • Vital Signs and GCS by age group
  • LOC/ALOC Differentials with interventions
  • Paediatric Interventions Key
  • SitRep and Handover Scripts

 Perfect for prompting en route to or during a critical case.


This set comes with optional binding.


Disclaimer: Information on these cards is designed as a prompt and is not prescriptive for clinical practice; the clinical guidelines of you local healthcare authority should be followed.