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Fog Off Mate Re-usable Anti Fog Lens Wipes

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Fogged up glasses? Mate, say no more.

Australia's most sustainable & FIRST reusable anti-fog dry cloth that works.

Not cool enough?..

Commonly brought antifog wipes cost $5AUD for 20x wipes.

This means you just spend 3x and get a huge 50x the number of wipes!


48 Hour Protection. 1000 Applications.

● Premium ultra-fine microfibre

● Instantaneous effect

● Dry - No soap or alcohol

● Stay fog-free in humid, cold and foggy situations

● Safe to use on any type of lenses with any coatings


How does it work?

Our special anti-fog ingredients create a safe, effective hydrophilic coating that reduces surface tension. Prevents future water droplets from forming for up to 48 hours in a single use.

Simply wipe your glasses or PPE gear and get the longest lasting and safest solution to combat fogging.

How to use 

  1. Clean the lenses if there is excessive amounts of dirt and grime 
  2. Make sure the lenses are dry 
  3. For best performance, breathe to fog up the lenses but you can skip this step
  4. Gently wipe the lenses with the anti-fog cloth, making sure it's applied to the front and back side of the lens 
  5. Store the anti-fog cloth back into the resealable pouch 


  • Do not wash or clean the anti-fog microfibre cloth