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HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal - TWIN PACK

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HyFin Chest Seals are designed to manage penetrating chest wounds by preventing the suction of air into the chest cavity during inspiration. Three HyFin 1-way Vents also allow air to be expelled from the chest cavity during exhalation.

No matter how bloody, wet, or hairy your patient, HyFin's superior adhesive will enable secure placement of each chest seal.

Each chest seal is packaged individually in a tough pouch with a tearable strip, allowing use of one at a time.

With compact/low-profile packaging this life-saving piece of equipment is designed to be stored discreately in your IFAK, response kit, or clothing. 

Device - 12x12cm (Excluding Tab)
Packaged - 17x10cm (Folded)