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Reflective Rhymes for Patient Care

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Book #3 in The GBU Series, Reflective Rhymes for Patient Care is crammed full of pocket-sized reflections for doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, midwives, mental health professionals, allied health services, educators and support staff.

  • Ideal graduation gift for those new to healthcare

  • Vital questions to provoke self-motivated accountability

  • Perfect conversation starters for group based discussion

  • Useful prompts in continued professional development

A collection of fifty-two thought provoking paragraphs, one for each week of the year with space to make notes for next time around. This handy book will trigger a positive perspective on empathy, safety and satisfaction in any hands-on healthcare role.

Book #3 in the GBU Paramedic series, written by a paramedic, specifically for patient care providers at every level.