Stainless Steel Classic Tuneable Stethoscope

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Auscultate heart, lung and GI sounds with the confidence using a  tuneable pressure sensitive diaphragm. Detect blood pressure accurately with the superior acoustic sensitivity  this stethoscope provides. With flexible yet sturdy binaural hangers and tubing alongside strong diaphragm retaining and non-chill rings this stethoscope provides a comprehensive and professional device at a competitive price point!



Colour: Black
Hose length: 60cm
Hose diameter:  ~13mm
Head diameters: 4.7cm, 3cm


Head/arms: stainless steel
Hose material: PVC


Packacge includes:

1x stethoscope

1x Instruction manual


4x (2 pairs) extra ear pieces
2x extra diaphragms