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Student Paramedics ONE SHEARS

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Premium materials far superior to competitors, at a fantastic price point.

  • ECO SHEARS are manufactured with up to 25% less environemental impact
  • V2 SHEARS boast more robust blades
  • PRO SHEARS have 25% thicker blades than the V2, providing even higher cutting strength, durability and robustness
  • Fits easily in most 5.11 or EMS style pants.
  • Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ is considered Super steel and one of the highest standards of steel in the industry.
  • Sharp edge with great edge retention.
  • TSA Compliant blade length
  • Micro Serrations for fine cutting and bulk cuts
  • Black DLC (Diamond Like Coating) is the hardest in the industry, strengthens the steel, resists scratches from metal, and provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Blunt tip provides easy access to tough to cut areas without worrying about harming the patient
  • Easy to clean shears as they have no silicone or bacteria-harboring elements.
  • Easily adjusted tightness to your liking with our coin/ flathead bolt system. Gone are the days of looking for torque keys or allen keys in the field.
  • 2x as thick blades compared to traditional trauma shears
  • Built-in oxygen key for easy access and multi-tool usage
  • Matte Black G9 Nylon Gas-Filled Handles for textured feel and non-slip resistance.
  • Auto Clavable
  • 30 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee!


General DLC Coating information:

  • Matte Black
  • Likes to be oiled
  • 1.5x Harder Than Titanium Coatings (7 on mohs scale)
  • Moz Scale 9-10 highest and the standard for hardness



G9 Handles:

  •  Nylon Gas Filled
  • Autoclavable around 290 Fahrenheit Max (Most facilities 270 Degrees F Used)
  • Matte (Current) Satin Textured finish for non slip
  • Ambidextrous Hand or Left hand Friendly Neutral Grip