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Workplace Health and Safety Laws Being able to respond to injuries and illnesses that occur at the workplace effectively can significantly improve the outcome of the injured person; sometimes meaning the difference between life and death. As such the Australian Government have developed Work Health and Safety (WHS) duties for workplaces. The WHS duties provide practical information which assists in understanding your requirements for first aid equipment and training.   First Aid Requirements First aid requirements are based on individual workplace risk assessments and therefore will vary between workplaces. To gain an understanding of what your workplace needs, factors such...

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Accidents happen...

While we can do our best to prevent them from happening, true peace of mind comes from being prepared. 

Which first aid kit do I need?

The answer to this question depends on your desired application. For home and family first aid kits, contents should be adequate to treat the injuries or illnesses which commonly occur in recreation and home settings. At a minimum, these include:

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